A Game that will change everything

We are building a social game that will take a radically new approach to harness the collective power of people enabling massive social change around the world.
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Build the Future

While we accept that change is constant, we do not have to accept that we are powerless in its wake. It is the extent to which we care about the direction of social change that we can strive to shape it and help to create the kind of change we wish to see in the world.

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Change the World

We can talk about the power of technology in transforming almost every aspect of the world, but the technology remains powerless without a strong human response. We believe there is no shortage of people willing to take action. We just need to give them the resources to be able to do it.

Action Over Awareness

Research shows that people who are simply given more information are unlikely to change their beliefs or behavior, and It wastes a lot of time and money for important causes that can’t afford to sacrifice either. It’s time for the action takers seeking to drive change to have the resources needed to achieve results.

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Game Changer How

Let’s not raise awareness, let’s empower people that take action. We are creating a game that is designed to incentivize the players to maintain a list of people and organizations that are taking action. The game will create an entirely new form of human collaboration at scale, allowing action takers to solve world problems like nothing we have ever seen before.

Game Changer Where

This game will be playable for billion’s of people, right on the social networks that they are already on. The game will be easy, entertaining, and exciting to play. We will be using blockchain technologies and crypto economics to create fair and transparent gameplay.

Pocket the reward

Game Changer Why

Gameplay can fund any cause. With the use of crypto economics (like Token Bonding Curves and TCRs) we are on the cusp of creating a new sustainable economic system for action takers. Allowing them the resources to solve the world’s most significant problems all from just playing an exciting global social game.

How to Help

Help us create the GAME that will allow YOU to get rewarded to revolutionize how we solve world problems.
It’s simple, free and will only take you seconds each day, but it will allow us to bring this ambitious project to life.

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Our Commitment

As a founding OPES Community Node, we are committed to helping build the infrastructure of the OPES ecosystem and are very proud to operate a highly secure, accessible, scalable, redundant, and properly managed Infrastructure Node for the OPES Blockchain block production


Note from our founder

Giving Back

We will strive to represent OPES in the utmost fashion and build tools that will help others be successful. We also will take extreme pride in donating at least 10% of our annual revenue to the Digital Asset Engine for the people of OPES.